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SIMOPRIME, the air insulated primary distribution switchgear, is the best solution from a global player for standard applications. It is a result of the best practise sharing methods and experiences, which Siemens has nurtured for more than a century across the globe.

When you opt for SIMOPRIME, you opt for a perfect harmony between technology, reliability, quality, delivery and service. That’s what Hai Nam stands for and that’s what you are ultimately looking for. Peace of mind the ultimate aim in everyone’s life.

Product Features:
  • Factory assembled type tested switchgear as per IEC62271-200 and VDE 0671-200.
  • Rated nomarl current of busbar 2500A (24kV), 3600A (7.2-17.5kV).
  • Rated short time withstand current 3s: 25kA, Yota (7-17.5kV). 
  • Type testing of circuit breaker and make proof earthing switch inside the panel.
  • All switching including emergency manual operations and rack-in/ rack-out of switching device with high-voltage door closed.
  • Interlocking between high-voltage door and the switching device.
  • Highest service continuity LSC2B.
  • Partition class PM through earthed matallic shutters and partitions
  • Internal arc tested design IAC AFLR up to 31.5kA; 0.1/1.0 Sec.
  • Use of maintenance free vacuum circuit breakers from Siemens.
  • Design based on global best practise sharing methods and experiences with use of standard worldwide available components.